AED Competition Pro Series 604 Crate Carburetor

AED Competition has expanded our popular GM 604 crate motor carburetor into our Pro Series line up and developed even more power. Countless hours of dyno time and track testing have gone into the 604Pro and the result is the pinnacle of power and drivability. This carburetor makes a ton of torque down low for center off acceleration and big power numbers for all out acceleration. Couple that with crisp neck snapping restarts and you have the ultimate 604 Pro competition carburetor. Each carburetor is custom CNC sized and hand built to order utilizing our custom billet base with thinned shafts and stainless blades, fully adjustable 5 emulsion billet metering circuit, Ultra high capacity fuel bowls, balanced wet flowed fuel curve with torque amplifiers, nitrophyl circle track floats, high flow needle and seats, and much more.
Available in Gas, Alcohol, CHP and E-85

From: $1,079.95