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AED Vortex Spacer

AED Performance announces the most innovative spacer to ever hit the market.
The AED “Vortex” spacer is a result of over 3 years of extensive testing with the simple goal of improving intake charge distribution under high G Force loading. Whether it’s side loading in circle track cars, rear loading in drag racing, or any form of motorsports that will benefit from better fuel distribution when experiencing g-forces, we learned that the air fuel mixture within the intake plenum will be upset and create lean spikes on certain cylinders. The Vortex is designed to provide a more directed path for the air fuel charge to the intake runners, thus creating a more balanced A/F ratio between cylinders & cylinder banks. This in turn significantly helps HP and Torque, especially under high loading conditions.Most spacers are developed in a static situation on the dyno not a real world environment. The Vortex is unique in the fact it is designed specifically to produce results under race conditions.

What makes this spacer so unique is that it can be “tuned” to a particular application by simply changing out the length of the distribution tip or leaving it out altogether. For the first time a racer can fine tune intake plenum distribution for maximum performance under race conditions. The new “Vortex” 21st century technology is available today.