AED Professional Booster Installation Tool part # 6070

This tool is absolutely the finest tool available for tightening or replacing boosters in a Holley style carburetor. It is a must for anyone who works on, rebuilds, or modifies carburetors & takes their job seriously. When doing any reshaping, porting, or polishing of the main body the original boosters must be removed for rework & new boosters installed. There is also power to be gained from installing the right booster for your particular application or reworking an existing one. We also offer several different shapes & orifice sizes for maximum tunability. This economical easy to use tool works on all Holley's with or without choke horns & works on all boosters except annular discharge. To properly install annular boosters you must purchase our attachment tool # 6074 which bolts on to part # 6070.

Boosters can only be sold to purchasers of the AED booster tool or people who already have one. This is a safety issue - it's the law.

6070 Booster Tool Price $289.95

6074 Annular Booster Adaptor Price $49.95

6071 Straight leg Booster .136 Orifice (4) Price $18.95

60721 Drop Leg Booster .140 Orifice (4) Price $18.95

60722 Drop Leg Booster .160 Orifice(4) Price $18.95

60723 Drop Leg Booster .180 Orifice(4) Price $18.95

60731 Hi Flow Machined .160 Orifice(4) Price $29.95

60732 Hi Flow Machined .180 Orifice(4) Price $29.95

60733 Annular Booster for 4150 (4) Price $54.95

6076 Annular Booster for Dominator (4) Price $74.95

6077 Billet Annular Booster Dominator (4) Price $109.95

6077A Annular Billet Booster for 4150 (4) Price $89.95

6078 Booster Retaining Sleeves for Dominator (4) Price $9.95